Counselling in Bristol

Support you need to find your way

Do you struggle with feelings and thoughts that are limiting your enjoyment of life and affecting your connections with those around you?

Are you feeling stuck in old patterns and looking for a change?

I am an experienced, warm and down to earth counsellor and have worked with many different people bringing a wide range of issues including depression; anxiety; self esteem issues; anxiety and depression in pregnancy and in the postnatal phase; transition to parenthood; family and relationship difficulties; bereavement and abuse.

Whatever you may bring, I can give you the support you need to find your way.

Self esteem

Together we will explore the roots of your low self-esteem, and think about ways in which it is perpetuated in the here and now. This understanding will help develop a more positive sense of self.

How I can help

We will engage with your anxiety with curiosity rather than fear, so that you can work with rather than against your feelings. We'll also develop tools to manage anxiety when it manifests.

How I can help
Relationship Issues

We can think together about your attachment style in relationship with self and others - both current and past, in order to recognise triggers and develop strategies for better communication.

How I can help

About me

An experienced, warm and down to earth counsellor

  • Nichola Gascoigne

    I am an Integrative Relational Counsellor, and as such I aim to be wholly present in my relationship with you. I bring my authentic humanity and warmth, inviting you to honour, develop and accept your humanity with me, towards a more integrated, compassionate and fluid way of living.

    Nichola Gascoigne

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