I have been offering online therapy since 2020, and have found that this works well for many people, as an alternative to meeting in person. Indeed, research shows that some people find that it’s easier to be vulnerable when they have therapy that isn’t face to face, and you may notice that you can open up to express your feelings more easily.

In line with all of my practice, I adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling, and also to the BACP’s Online and phone therapy (OPT) competence framework. I have undertaken appropriate specific training around working with people online.

Is online therapy right for you?

There are many reasons that online sessions might be more appropriate for you, including;

  • Easier Accessibility e.g. for those with certain disabilities or limited transport options.
  • Meeting online cancels out the need to choose a therapist who lives near you.
  • Flexibility e.g. it can fit around your life choices and schedule, and offers an alternative on occasions when you are not able to attend your session in person.
  • Being in separate locations may feel less inhibiting
  • The remote nature of the work has the potential for alleviating your circumstance e.g. isolation.

The best way of knowing whether online therapy would be right for you would be to arrange an initial consultation, and try it.

Things to consider

You will be in your own environment when you have remote therapy, and it’s important that this space feels private and safe and that you aren’t worried about being overheard. This might mean encouraging housemates or family members to go out while you have your session. Or, if necessary, going for a walk or sitting in a stationary car. You can also use headphones to reduce the risk of your conversation being overheard.


We would meet via the Zoom platform, which uses both asymmetric and symmetric algorithms to encrypt the session. This ensures that the session cannot be eavesdropped on or tampered with.. so you can rest assured that our sessions would be entirely private.

For more information or to book an initial session, click here.